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Maya Group food, water, and industrial chemistry

Maya Group serves as a tailored solutions provider within the food, water, and industrial chemistry sectors.

With a presence spanning five decades, our journey is intricately tied to the evolution and progress of the Israeli food and water industries
In both industries, we engage in specialized production capabilities and represent unique international producers, to which we integrate innovation and a multidisciplinary approach.

Using this approach, we provide our clients tailor-made solutions and add value across the entire supply chain.
In addition, Maya has limited real-estate and VC activity in the fields of FoodTec, Biotech and Industry 4.0 which complement our activity

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food solutions

Maya’s Foods products & Ingredients

Customized solution provider, in the fields of food products, food ingredients and production process.

Our activity includes specialized production capabilities and representation of unique international producers.

With over four decades and numerous activities those fields, we integrate innovation and multidisciplinary approach to deliver solutions and add value to our clients across the entire supply chain.”

Food products

Food products

Ready-to-eat food substances that are used in the preparation of foodstuff. Hazelnuts, IQF products, Plant-base icecream etc.

Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

substances that are added to a food to achieve a desired effect ! (e.g. Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Amino Acids, Enzymes)

Special production processes

Special production processes

• Precision Fermentation
• Liquidation process & emulsions
• Tailor made production.

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water solutions

Water treatment & management

Being an integral part of the development of Israel’s water industry in the last 40 years, Maya specialises in tailoring solutions for wastewater treatment and management.

Together we map your needs in terms of process, environmental
requirement and overall status to understand your specific need.

From competitive raw materials to special solutions for specific
requirements, we provide you with a range of options for sustainable
management of your water.

Flocculation and Coagulation

Flocculation and Coagulation

The removal of suspended solids particles in water solutions based on specific needs and regulation requirements

Disinfectants and Detergents

Disinfectants and Detergents

as part of the water treatment process, disinfectants (such as chlorine, chloramine, or chlorine dioxide) may add to kill any remaining parasites, bacteria, or viruses.

Raw Materials for water treatment

Raw Materials for water treatment

high quality water treatment chemical across different industries and in accordance with environmental regulations.

• Antiscalants (with/without phosphate)
• Corrosion inhibitors (colling tours, enjoins, drilling)
• Chelating agents


production cooperations & Representations

Dirafrost: leader in IQF fruit

  • Website: Dirafrost
  • Category: Food
  • Product: Frozen Puree , IQF Fruit
  • Others: BDZ kosher

Ferrero Hazelnut Company: Natural Kernels & Past

  • Website: Ferrero
  • Category: Food
  • Product: Hazelnut Past , Hazelnut
  • Others: BDZ kosher

Agrana Fruit: world leader in fruit preparation

  • Website: Agrana
  • Category: Food
  • Product: Fruit Preparation
  • Others: BDZ kosher

Sunsong Group: leading Enzyme Company

  • Website: sunsong group
  • Category: Food Adatives
  • Product: Enzymes
  • Others: BDZ kosher

Thai Citric Acid Co.,Ltd. : CA from 100% Tapioka

  • Website:Thai citric acid 
  • Category: Food Adatives
  • Product:Citric Acid
  • Others: 100% Tapioca base, BDZ Passover

Cream de la Cream: specialise Ice-cream producers

  • Website: Cremedelacreme
  • Category: Food
  • Product: • Product Plant-based Ice Cream , Smothies
  • Others: BDZ kosher

CSPC Innovation Pharmaceutical CO., LTD

  • Website: cspc
  • Category: Food
  • Product: Ascorbic Acid
  • Others: Special productions, BDZ kosher